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Dushantha Perera aka Master D is founder of Fitness Plus Martial Art Uk. Master D has specialized in exceeding client expectations around customized weight loss,core stability and muscle building, self defence and competition training.

His passion for health, fitness and martial training has motivated him to spend years pursuing continuing education in the fitness industry which has led to the development of his unique training system. Martial Art can be life changing and also an exciting adventure. I am enthusiastic and motivated and will use whatever it takes to enthuse clients into achieving their goals. Whether it’s

Thai Kick Boxing


Grading Training

Training for Competitions

Cardio Kick


Box n' Burn

Box n' Tone

Get Fighting Fit

Highly effective self defence

NO Boring Cardio - NO Fad Diets

Just impressive training with safe, fun and Amazing Result.

Based in Bush Hill Park, Fitness Plus Personal Trainers provides client with the opportunity to benefit from tailored nutritional, lifestyle and exercise principles learnt from our extensive training with the critically claimed BSc (Hons) Exercise Science and Health from the University of East London.

Our training facility offers you group classes or 1 to 1 personal training in a fully equipped fitness studio with NO joining fee and no membership fees which means that you can be trained and coached to finally achieve you training goal and the body you so desired. 

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