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Chief Instructor

Master D (Dushantha Perera)

Dushantha Perera aka Master D is the founder and Chief Instructor of the Fitness Plus Martial Art (FPM-UK). Master D has been studying Martial Arts many years, providing FPM-UK members with training and guidance from over 23 years’ experience with Martial art disciplines such as Muaythai, Karate , Judo, Hapkido and Taekwondo. Many of his students have been able to become national as well as International Champions. 

His passion for Martial Arts and Health & Fitness training has motivated him to spend years pursuing continuing education in the fitness industry which has led to the development of his unique training system. Some of his qualification and experience are given below.

  • MSc Sports Therapy

  • BSc (Hons) Sport Science
  • 5th Dan WTF - Kukkiwon Black Belt Instructor
  • 6th Dan - Taekwondo Jidokwan Int.
  • Arjarn (Muaythai Master)- Kru Muaythai Association
  • International Master Instructor & Examiner
  • Khan 14 / Mongkol 4 - KMA)
  • Personal Combat & Protection Systems (PCPS)
  • Advance Taekwondo Instructor Course at Kung Hee University – South Korea
  • Olympic Solidarity Certificate Award - Taekwondo Coaching.
  • Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Checked (CRB) instructors.
  • Kru Muaythai Association registered Instructor.
  • Trained many years in the motherland of Muay Thai - Thailand.
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