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Grading System

Grading System

Important: In order to fight in competition or to grade, make sure you have a valid British Taekwondo membership & current insurance.

Progress is assessed in gradings at the end of each term in which students demonstrate improved ability in the following areas:

Kicking and hand techniques

Poomsea (forms)

One-step sparring

Full-contact sparring (for green tag and above)

Physical fitness

Breaking (for green belt and above)

Positive behavior and attitude

Those who are taking grading test must make sure to understand: Grading syllabus, Dojang rules and Tenets of taekwondo.

Successful performance in the grading is rewarded by progression towards higher belts. After each belt, you receive a tag of the next belt up, i.e. after white belt; you receive a yellow tag before your yellow belt. Beyond club black belt, there are international black belts for first Dan, second Dan, etc; an international panel of judges awards these.

You must obtain the Chief Instructor's approval first. He will assess your abilities, behavior and attitude then let you know whether you have progressed sufficiently to have a good chance. If you do not do this, you will not be allowed to take part in the grading. 

When you are taking, your grading you should be fully aware of your abilities and 100% confident that you can perform the techniques required from you with full speed and power in any situation. If you find yourself forgetting things and losing confidence under the stress of grading it simply means you are NOT READY yet to take the grading.

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